Francisco Ramos-Pallares

Assistant Professor, Principal Investigator

Tel:  (+1) 807-343-8010, EXT. 7103

Francisco is an assistant professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay. Before joining Lakehead University, Francisco held an RD&T industrial postdoctoral position at CNOOC Petroleum (formerly NEXEN). Francisco’s research interests are focused on thermodynamics, phase behavior, transport phenomena, mathematical modeling, and simulation. He received a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Calgary.

Graduate Students

Twaha Mohamed, MSc

 PhD. Student

Thesis Subject: Twaha’s thesis focuses on the experimental and computational study of electrolyte mixtures containing water alcohols and salt

Education and Experience: B. Eng. and MSc. in Chemical Engineering from Lakehead University (2021). Twaha’s MSc research and thesis were focused on the development of a consistent cubic equation of state for non-polar components as well as computational algorithms for phase equilibria calculations. Before joining our group, Twaha held an internship position at Resolute Forest Products (Thunder Bay) working as an energy efficiency technician in the field of pulp and paper processing.

Rayyan Thenmalai Ihimamudeen

MSc. Student

  • Thesis Subject: Experimental mapping and modeling of the phase behavior of mixtures containing ethanol/water/salt
  • Education: B. Eng. Chemical Engineering from the St. Joseph College of Engineering (Chennai, India) 2020
  • Experience: Rayyan worked for 2 years as a Project Associate at IIT Madras (India) studying aluminum and zinc-air flow batteries; and modeling, designing, developing, and optimizing electrolyzers. Rayyan is also a performance artist, theatre enthusiast, playwright, stage play director, avid reader, and tech enthusiast.


Saeed Ataee Ataabadi, MSc

  • Thesis: The Phase Behaviour of Isopropanol/Water/NaCl Mixtures at Atmospheric Pressure (April 2023)
  • Education and Experience: MSc Chemical Engineering, Lakehead University (2023); B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering, Azad University of Gachsaran, Iran (2012); MSc Executive Management, Azad University of Shiraz (2019). Supervisor of the production line in Asia Green Island Production Company (2014-2016). Operation manager of Greenland Contracting Company (2016-2020)
  • Publications and Awards:
    • Ataee, S. et al. The Phase Behavior of Isopropanol/Water/NaCl Mixtures at Atmospheric Pressure and Temperatures from 294.15 K Up to the Boiling Point. J. Chem. Thermodynamics, 2024, 189, 107205
    • Lakehead University Dean’s Award for Engineering. 2023

Homayoun Moghaddaupour

Homayoun worked in our research group from Sept. 2023 to January 2024. The focus of his research was the experimental measurement and modeling of the density of mixtures containing alcohol, water, and salt.